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One child under 6 and one over

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My wife and I have 2 kids. A 3 year old and a 10 year old.    I see the policy states:


If you have at least 1 child age 6 or younger, you can take advantage of Southwest Family Boarding.  These families board between the A and B boarding zones, and you are allowed to have 1 adult per child board.


Does the 10 year old count as a second child and all 4 of us could board in family boarding. Or is it only the 3 year old that would count? Or could the 3 of them board in family boarding and I board later?  Is family boarding something that is actually assigned when you check in or is it just a line that you get in?


Re: One child under 6 and one over

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Here is the current wording, which is two adults per child.


Two adults traveling with a child six years old or younger may board during Family Boarding, which occurs after the “A” group has boarded and before the “B” group begins boarding. If the child and the adult are both holding an “A” boarding pass, they should board in their assigned boarding position.

The boarding isn’t assigned, you’ll typically line up off to the side while A Group boards, then they will call for A-listers without A-Positions, then family boarding.


Your option for you boarding later while the youngest boards with your wife makes sense.


I would expect most boarding agents to allow the 10 year old on as well so that you can all four board together, but that’s going to be case by case and technically not the policy. 


Two options - ask in advance what to do, or else just all four go up at family boarding and see what happens - in that case if rejected have the backup plan that you’ll board later. 


Or maybe you or your wife or 10 year old get an A pass and wait to board.




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Re: One child under 6 and one over

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All four of you should have no problem utilizing Family Boarding.