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Over 80in Max Check Bag Allowance

New Arrival

I plan to fly internationally (MDW-->MBJ direct) with a checked box that will be larger than the "oversize" limit listed in SWA baggage limits. My item will weigh less than 25 lbs, but the L+W+H dimension will be larger than the 80 inch limit listed on their website. I understand that I'll have to pay $75 for the oversize fee.


My question is, will they even allow an item that's L+W+H equals 81-84 inches? If they allow this size, is there an additional fee on top of the $75?  The box is rectangular and about 10"x28"x44".


Re: Over 80in Max Check Bag Allowance

Top Contributor

Going strictly by the wording of the policy, no, Southwest will not accept an item as checked baggage if the dimensions exceed a total of 80".  I would guess most of this has to do with getting objects that potentially do not fit through a plane door.  Unlike larger planes or cargo planes, Southwest's 737s just do not have large openings to get bulky items into the plane.  There is potential that the item would not be measured and would get accepted without issue, BUT do you really want to leave it to chance at the last minute?  I would suggest finding a way to reduce the size of the box or shipping it via another method.