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Overbooked Flight

Explorer C

In the midst of a pandemic, flights are still being packed seat to seat. When asked why social distancing policies aren’t being honored anymore, our flight attendant stated that “social distancing doesn’t exist anymore.”


Re: Overbooked Flight

Aviator A

Yeah, it's not a common thing anywhere you go.  No airline is blocking seats in economy and things are basically back to normal.  Get vaccinated, wear a mask, and have a safe flight.



Re: Overbooked Flight

Aviator A

I’ve taken several flights this month and most have been 50-70% full so maybe you will still luck out with an open seat next to you but as mentioned seats aren’t being blocked on any airline here in the states. If your uncomfortable being around people you could always do a road trip or charter a plane. 

Re: Overbooked Flight

Frequent Flyer A

You may want to consider flying on "off" peak days, which vary by location. To echo other comments I have flown several times since the holidays and the planes were not overbooked or full, there were plenty of empty middle seats.

As others mentioned be vaccinated and wear a mask. 

Best of luck

Re: Overbooked Flight

Aviator A

@GodDyhu wrote:

In the midst of a pandemic

We are 2 years into this. We are no longer "in the midst' of anything; we are on the tail end. We have vaccines, therapeutics, and a much more mild strain of a contagious virus. It's time to end the restrictions and resume normal life. Some of us have been saying this since the spring/summer of 2020 ... but oh well, here we are 😉 



Re: Overbooked Flight

Aviator C

You mean "full flight", not "overbooked flight".   They are different things. 


A full flight just means people want to fly,  and aren't afraid of it.   People like me who have flown the entire pandemic and never caught Covid in a plane,  but instead caught it on the ground... twice.   The second time after the vaccine. 


So really... flying is the least of your worries right now.