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Overbooking/Flight Change Compensation?

New Arrival

I received an email today that my travel plans were changed without my approval. Southwest took me from the 6 AM flight I had booked and bumped me to about 10 AM instead. Mind you, the flight was not cancelled, it was simply overbooked.


Upset, I called them looking for a way to be put back on my sold out flight because I have $250 non-refundable tickets that I have to be in Florida for no later than noon. This new flight  that they put me on would get me in at 1 PM and I wouldn't get to my hotel until probably 3 PM. 


I talked to about 5 people today after waiting on hold and four hours later, I talked to a guy who told me that he could "tell a supervisor to call me but they probably won't do anything." I told him that I absolutely needed to be on that flight or want to be compensated for the fact that I have to now rebooked my events and I'm out $250. I'm technically out more, but I think I can get refunds back on the other stuff. He just kept telling me they could cancel my flight entirely if I want. Uhhh .. that still doesn't help me being out $250 lol. So because Southwest overbooked, I have to be out money?? Is this even right? Can they even do that? It's not my fault they overbooked their flights! Everyone I talked to today was so unreasonable and ignorant! I know COVID has everyone going crazy, but that's just not okay! Help!!


Re: Overbooking/Flight Change Compensation?


We're sorry for the frustration, @tiarrafawn. As a peer-to-peer support forum, we are not equipped to assist you here, but we encourage you to Contact Customer Relations  for assistance.


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