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Packing stroller in suitcase?

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I will be traveling with 6 month old twins and am looking to protect our stroller from damage.  Has anyone had any experience with breaking down their stroller and packing it in a suitcase and checking it before security? I have measured it out and the suitcase will be exactly 62 inches and under the 50 lb weight so it will not be considered oversized.   Does this count towards a passengers bag allowance or since it is a stroller, would it not count toward the 2 bag allowance.   We are planning on wearing our twins through security since breaking down a stroller and packing 2 car seats will be a lot to coordinate at the gate.  Thank you! 


Re: Packing stroller in suitcase?

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Hey! If you pack your stroller in the suitcase it will count toward your luggage, I think. 


You should plan to be at be at the gate in time for family boarding which occurs just after A boarding (unless you get A boarding passes). You’ll have plenty of time to break down and stow anything you bring this way. As well as get seats nearby one another. 


Im not sure if you are taking your car seats to the plane or checking them, but I find it much easier to take the stroller with me to the gate and gate check it. 


It gets hand carried to the plane from the jet bridge and then brought back up on the other side. I’d guess it has less chance of damage this way.


If you do  want to check it, you’re allowed to pack it in a suitcase if you’d like. If your children are ticketed, they also get two bags, as well.