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Passenger concern

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So, is everyone aware that SW is transporting illegals from Kabul to the US? Anyone else concerned?


Re: Passenger concern

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Not even in the slightest.


I personally commend Southwest for helping out with the humanitarian effort.

Re: Passenger concern

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This isn't true. Southwest is not flying to or from Kabul. They are, however, helping Americans and others who were rescued from Kabul and made it to the United States with domestic air travel within the United States. 


Southwest Airlines will begin chartering domestic flights for evacuees arriving in the US from Afghanistan, according to a statement shared with ABC News.


The airline said that it would operate the flights on behalf of the Department of Defense (DoD) starting Monday, and transport Afghan evacuees to their destination cities, per a statement shared by ABC's Sam Sweeney on Twitter.


American Airlines and others are providing more international flights because they have that capacity to do so. 



Re: Passenger concern

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No.   Go away, troll