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Passport Requirements?

Explorer C

So, I've seen a lot of varying and confusing information regarding the passport validity regulations to enter Mexico from the US (as a US Passport holder). If it's 3, 6, doesn't matter, isn't enforced, etc.


I leave for Cancun from PA on August 22nd and return August 29th, though my passport expires in January (11), 2023. So that leaves me around 5 months of validity and I just spoke with a Southwest rep who said it just needs to be valid (emailing to also get it in writing).


But given my personality type I have to double check everything and it seems like I should be good (reading some replies from the user, "TheMiddleSeat")? 

Any insight is appreciated. 


Re: Passport Requirements?

Aviator A

There is no requirement for Mexico beyond having a valid passport.  It's not something Southwest decides, it's based on Mexico and is published by the Department of State.



Re: Passport Requirements?

Explorer C

@TheMiddleSeat strikes again! haha

Thank you for your help.