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Payless Car Rental

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For anyone else who wants to use SWA's website to book at rental car from Payless Car Rental- Don't do it!  I thought because SWA was endorsing their car service, it must be a reputable, honest car rental company.  It wasn't.    They "lowballed" me into renting what I thought was a nice car, only to discover the car they advertized had no power windows, over 50K miles on it and was unsafe with balled tires.  Payless, of course, had a solution.  Pay more for an upgrade.  I'm so disappointed SWA would endorse such a company.  Never again.


Re: Payless Car Rental

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Sorry to hear about your bad experience. I've rented from Payless multiple times and not experienced any problems. Every rent car firm will try to upsell you and/or try to get you to buy extended coverage. They all do, not just Payless..


That being said, Southwest does not endorse any rent car firm. You can rent from 12 different companies on the Southwest website, I think that's about every major rent car firm in America. Southwest does not endorse any of them. Southwest lists all 12 firms and hotel options, too, so that travellers can do one stop price comparisons and shopping, as opposed to going to multiple websites. It's a customer convenience.


Firms like Payless buy Rapid Rewards points from Southwest. They offer points to customers in the hope that customers will choose them , as opposed to a firm that does not award points,  when renting cars. That isn't an endorsement.


I'd recommend two things:


1) Send Payless a complaint 


2) Review Payless on Yelp and other ratingplatforms so others cn read about your bad experience,  and maybe use your feedback in deciding who they should rent their cars from.