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Person of size

Explorer C

My hubby is 6’ 5” and is terribly uncomfy in standard seats due to legroom. Does he qualify for pre-board due to his height?


Re: Person of size

Aviator A

Not due to height.


One could argue that the discomfort encountered in "regular" seats (due to his long legs)  might make him eligible for early boarding.


Federal rules state that anyone who claims a need to pre-board should be allowed to pre board - without question.


There aren't  many extra legroom (not counting center seats) - 4 in row 1, and either 4 or 8 in the exit row - depending on the aircraft.


Good luck


edit add: as mentioned downthread early boarders ARE NOT allowed in exit row seats. What I said above is incorrect.

Re: Person of size

Aviator A

I may have the unpopular opinion, but I don't see the benefit of sitting in the first row on Southwest when it comes strictly to legroom.  In other rows I can easily extend my legs underneath the seat in front of me, you can't do this in the first row and I find it uncomfortable.  Sure, if you sit feet flat on the ground, knees up then that first row is going to be more comfortable than the 2nd row, but if you want to spread out a bit I'd suggest another row.



Re: Person of size

Frequent Flyer A

Aren't pre-boarders excluded from sitting in the exit rows?

Re: Person of size

Frequent Flyer A

@parpitt1 Exit row, yes, but not the front row. That is a common choice for pre-boarding, especially for those with limited mobility.

Re: Person of size

Aviator A

Another option would be to purchase Business Select fares which allow you to board first after pre-boarders. A1-15 would be the positions, and A1 is the first person eligible to sit in the exit row.

RISK: There could be through passengers on the plane who can in on the previous flight and are continuing on. It is rare that these folks take up all the exit row seats, but it is possible.


-A List, Companion Pass holder

Re: Person of size

Aviator A

If your husband is a big guy and would spill in to the next seat he could take advantage of the customer of size policy where he can get a 2nd seat for no charge and it would get him pre boarding and more room however just being tall won’t qualify him for the policy. 

if he is just tall then that’s not a reason to preboard. If he has a medical reason then yes he could preboard.