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Pet Carrier Fees, Really?

New Arrival

SWA charges $95 to bring a pet carrier on board.  Come on guys, this is so disappointing, and unnecessary.  Let me break this down.

1) The carrier must fit under the seat in front of you.  Just like your carry-on.

2) The carrier counts as your carry-on.

3) It must remain under the seat for the duration of the flight.

4) SWA provides zero service for the pet.

5) SWA does not consume any additional fuel or energy, in the transport of the pet.

6) The pet does not consume any food or beverages.

7) The pet does does not use the facilities.

😎 If the pet has an accident, it is contained within the carrier, unlike a human passenger.


In short, it does not cost SWA a single penny, for me to transport my pet.  So why do they charge for it?  They like to hype their "no-fee's, bags free, customer friendly" company.  I'm utterly disappointed. 


Re: Pet Carrier Fees, Really?

Top Contributor

The fee is a deterrent. It's to keep the plane from filling up with pets.

Re: Pet Carrier Fees, Really?

New Arrival

I suffer a severe alllegic reaction to cat dander.  I would prefer no cats on board.

Re: Pet Carrier Fees, Really?

New Arrival

I suffer from ignorant people that sneeze, hack and sweat all over while sitting next to me. Is this acceptable ?  A cat is contained in a carrier. No worse than a person that has cat hair on them from their furry friend back home.