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Pet vaccination paperwork

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There is a lot of confusion regarding Southwest Airlines' pet policy. The pet FAQs says that vaccination paperwork of any kind is not required. However, two separate calls to customer service contradict that policy. One call resulted in an answer that it has to be on 8x 11 letterhead. The other said a script was sufficient. So, I have three different answers. Which one is right?


Re: Pet vaccination paperwork

Top Contributor

No vacination paperwork is required for pets.


Paperwork is required for travel with an Emotional Support Animal, which is from where I suspect the confusions stems.

Re: Pet vaccination paperwork

New Arrival

This site contradicts itself.  On the first line of the pet info it states that "vaccinated" pets can travel but then it says no proof is required.

Re: Pet vaccination paperwork

New Arrival

You requierments are  conflicting, I have a simple question looking for a simple answer. I have a service dog ( Golden Retriver) who is certified and has his curdentials. He is a theropy and Service dog and certified for both. Is he or is he not allowed in the plane,  and I mean with me the hanndeler. We currently go to Seinior homes, Hospitals and peoples home. He has even traveled in and ambulance with a sinior per there request to the hospital or Hospis. So I ask will he be allowed to sin in the cabin next to me? Thats it, nothing more