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Please email us real receipts...

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I love flying on Southwest, except for one thing - getting a receipt.


My employer uses the Concur travel portal, but an internal expense reporting system, not the one offered by Concur. Concur will book the flight directly with Southwest, so some of the emails from Southwest are not sent to me. The Concur confirmations are not acceptable to our AP department as 'receipts'.


Every single vendor other than Southwest will send me an email with an attached PDF statement, without being asked. For some reason, Southwest thinks it's OK to require me to go retrieve one from the website (and not in a form I can scrape, either), or heaven forbid, call multiple times per month to have more detailed ones emailed to me. Why not just email the statement at the completion of each flight?

And please include all charges on the invoice, like paid upgrades, baggage fees, and in-flight wifi.


Even if it was just integration with an automation service like IFTTT or Zapier, I'd be happy.



Re: Please email us real receipts...

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I understand the expense report struggle.  Fortunately, I do not have to submit receipts for flights.


When we booked SW through Concur with my former employer, we received the email from Concur for any flight booked with any airline.  If you are paying Concur directly, you should receive the reciept directly from them.


I wonder if it is worth calling your Concur administrator?



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Re: Please email us real receipts...

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From my point, I don't think southwest will sent you a reciept, since you used Concur as a third party and you might wants to contact Concur, not southwest.


From my person belief that you should get the reciept from source of third party and I will never us that kind of party in order for me to get reciept.


Hope this will help.

Re: Please email us real receipts...

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Thank you for surfacing this request. I know it has been a painpoint for Customers, and we're happy to share the request for a more seamless receipt process with our internal teams.