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Policy for emergency generators in checked-in baggage

Explorer C

Hi there,  I'm traveling soon and planning to purchase a small emergency generator to take back with me on my return flight.  I wanted to know if there is a specific policy against checking this in as baggage.  The generator will be in the same unopened manufacturer packaging and it will not have any fuel on it (as it comes from manufacturer).  I believe it is under 50 lbs but if it exceeds the weight I am willing to pay.  I'll appreciate your help.


Re: Policy for emergency generators in checked-in baggage

Aviator B

Engines and Air Compressors


Electric Air Compressors/Gasoline Powered Compressors: Electric air compressors are allowed as checked baggage if the air tank is verifiably empty. The unit must be transported with the air tank in the open position and the gauge must register no pressure in the tank. Gasoline powered compressors are not allowed.

Internal Combustion Engines: Southwest Airlines does not allow internal combustion engines as checked or carryon baggage. This includes new or used equipment. This restriction includes lawn equipment, engine-powered scooters, and any other fuel-operated combustion engine.

Flammable Liquids: Flammable Liquids associated with internal combustion engines (i.e., gasoline, kerosene, and/or diesel fuel) are all regulated hazardous materials and cannot be carried in checked or carryon baggage. This applies to engines, engine components associated with these fuels, and fuel containers that have been in contact with these fuels.

Motor Oil and Fluids: While they are not regulated as hazardous materials, items such as motor oil, hydraulic fluids, brake fluid, and transmission fluid are not allowed in checked or carryon baggage due to the damage they can cause if spilled.