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Poor services

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I spoke with Kathy C.. We were trying to book 9 tickets. I know that you can't book 9 ticket at one time.. My sister booked 7 and I book 2. She was putting all 7 passenger names through, while I enter the other 2. I called SWA customer service number but there was a long wait. I waited about 15 minutes and hung up the phone because they never answer. I finish my booking first because i only had 2. when she finish putting all 7 of hers in the rate change. I called SWA. they answer in 5 mins this time. The agent was able to get us the same rate on all tickets but one ticket went up $150.00. I dont think it is fair when you are trying to book 7 tickets and someone can come along  take them out of inventory and you lose out. Of course it will take longer to book 7 ticket than 1,2 or 5 . I feel that we should have received the tickets at the same rate since we had it first. i was looking at your rating and I have always been a huge SWA fan. I am hoping that you are not becoming Spirit Airline., because you have so many  poor reviews online. Thank you for allowing me to vent.


Re: Poor services

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The non-published rate scale also seems to increase fares as tickets sell.


I think you did the right thing by buying two first and seven later - the first two could push the fare to the next higher bracket, but seven would be that much more likely to do so.


Buying seven tickets first would have put all seven in the higher bracket, and then the two would be above that...this way hopefully at least the two were cheaper.


When you scope it out online next time, try varying the number of tickets that you buy to see where it kicks up to the next fare.

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