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Portable charger / battery pack

Explorer C

I believe the Halo is a newer charger.  Can I take this on the plane?  I leave on Tuesday, June 26.  Planning to take it in the plane with me.




Re: Portable charger / battery pack

Frequent Flyer A

Neither Southwest nor the TSA prohibit portable chargers that are rated below 100 Watt Hours. From a brief read of the specs, it appears that your charger is rated at only 59 Watt Hours (58,830mWh).

Note that the charger must be carried with you in the cabin. It cannot be put into checked baggage. If you put the charger into a carry-on bag and there's no room for the bag in the cabin, you must remove the charger from the bag before checking it. I would also advice fully discharging the charger as an additional safety precaution.

Have a great flight!