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Possible Trip to Disney

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Newbie here. Family (3 Adults, 2 Seniors, 3 Children 7-14) Total 8. planning possible trip to Disneyworld, Orlando. Was there once in 2001. At that time we had a travel agent handle the whole thing. Would like to fly Southwest. Any and all help and tips appreciated. Plan on going 10/21/18 with return on 10/27/18. Looking at staying at All Star Music. Money is a consideration. Would like to hear from someone who can walk us through the basics. Also looking at the package deals through Southwest. We appreciate the help.





Re: Possible Trip to Disney

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Check out Southwest Vacations, it's run by a third party, not Southwest, but my understanding is that they work closely together. They should be able to help you with a vacation anywhere Southwest flies.


One thing to keep in mind is that Southwest is not yet selling tickets for flights in October, you'll need to wait a couple months, probably March.  I hope you have a great trip! 

Re: Possible Trip to Disney

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So much info. Are you asking about flights, hotels, and Southwest information?


Disney in general? it's too much to list here...a few favorites:


  • You can book dining and fast passes at six months out I believe if you have your tickets in-hand. I know you mentioned being on a budget, but if you did want any of the premium dining options it would be best to book them as early as possible and change them later if your schedule doesn't line up.
  • Staying at All-Star Music you may be using the Magic Express in the lower level of the opposite terminal from Southwest. Tag your luggage with the yellow stickers and they will go automatically to the room(s). If you have anything that you need in the morning or during the day bring it in a carry on as you may not want to wait around for your checked bags to appear before going to the parks. Bring your first day supplies with you in order to jump right in. For instance you'll want your magic bands to be with you and any change of clothes that you need to go inside.
  • Which parks will you be going to? Are you going to anything non-Disney?



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