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Power Wheelchair question

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I have read a bit about powered mobility devices but am a bit confused.  I have a chair like this one that has a FAA approved removable Lithium battery.  As you can see in the image below it collapses down to 10 inces high by just lifting a level and it weighs less then 50 pounds.  I know I must remove the battery and carry it with me, but was wondering if this must be checked as normal luggage or if it can be gate checked like a stroller.  Has anyone traveled with one?  It would be nice to easily move around a terminal by myself while waitting on a flight then to have to use a manual chair.


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Re: Power Wheelchair question

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Hello, depending on the situation, you might be able to have your wheelchair join you on the plane. Absent that, it would be gate checked. If carried on the plane, you could leave the battery on the chair, if gate checked, you would need to remove it as the FAA prohibits lithium batteries in the belly of the aircraft.


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Re: Power Wheelchair question

New Arrival

I use a manual wheelchair with e-motion Alber lithium batteries. I take the batteries out, I remove my foot plates, seat back and seat cushion. Those items go into the cabin with me. The chair folds in half and they check it at the door of the plane before I board. This is with every airline I have flown on, including SWA. I like being able to use the restroom or purchase food individually prior to boarding so this is my method, and it works.