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Preparing for flight with baby

Explorer C

My baby will be 11 months old during our flight. I myself have only flown a few times and never with a baby. my flight is booked. Do I have to register him somewhere before the flight (in lap passenger).  Or can we just show up and I show them his birth certificate? I feel weird not notifying anyone that I am bringing another human. All advice is welcomed! 


Re: Preparing for flight with baby

Aviator A

Assuming you are traveling domestically and not going international you just show up with the baby and birth certificate and you'll be fine.  International travel requires payment of taxes beforehand so you do need to contact Southwest.  Give yourself a little extra time to handle the age verification during check-in.


For this info and more details about traveling with a baby (under age 2) check out this page:



Re: Preparing for flight with baby

Aviator A

I get why you feel that way, but yes -- you just show up. When you check in at the counter pre-security, the agent will take care of everything and give you a boarding pass for your baby.


Good luck!


-A List, Companion Pass holder

Re: Preparing for flight with baby

Aviator A

Good luck and safe travels!



Re: Preparing for flight with baby

Aviator A

You can call ahead to have the baby added to your ticket, but you'll still need to show the birth certificate when you arrive anyway. It won't really be much of a time saver. 





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