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Promo code / conformation cde

Explorer C

I canceled a fight back In march when covid was spiking. I got a conformation code which I think is a promo code. Do I need to use this code before march meaning I have to fly before march. OR can I just purchase the tickets before march and have the tickets for lets say may? 



Re: Promo code / conformation cde

Aviator A

Based on what I know about the policy at that time, you should have gotten travel funds (not a promo code).


Those travel funds were likely extended for use until 2022 or until you rebook with those funds.


You can see a lot of FAQs that might be helpful here.


You can use that confirmation code to find out the funds amount and expiration date here.


Finally, you can learn about how SW is handling travel funds in combo with COVID here.


Hope that helps!


-A List, Companion Pass holder