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Purchase w/Amazon gift card?

New Arrival

Hi there - does anyone know if I can purchase a Southwest flight with an Amazon gift card?


Re: Purchase w/Amazon gift card?

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Amazon does not sell Southwest flights. Amazon gift cards can only be used to make purchases at Amazon. 



Re: Purchase w/Amazon gift card?

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Agreed. Furthermore, you can’t buy other gift cards with an Amazon gift card. So if you creatively tried to by a SW gift card with the Amazon one, that wouldn’t work either. 


Consider this “hack” that I sometime use: buy the flight as you normally would and them use the Amazon gift card to buy staples that you might normally buy rah month locally. Example: I need to replenish some cleaning supplies and buy a SW flight. Pay for the flight and then use the gift card to buy the supplies. Indirectly, you’ve “used” the gift card for he flight since you would have purchased the cleaning supplies anyway. 


Good luck!

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Re: Purchase w/Amazon gift card?

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I do that "hack" all the time with gift cards!