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Question: Southwest Gift Cards

New Arrival

Here is the issue I have. We were given a SWA gift card by a friend that they purchased at Albertsons. THis was probably about a year and a half ago. While attempting to use it tonight it says that there is no balance on it. After calling the number on the back they confirmed that there was no money on it. They then suggested I call the other number listed, 214-932-0333. I did and this number is now disconected. Thsi really sucks!


Re: Question: Southwest Gift Cards

Rising Star

It may be a long shot.... But you may want to ask the person who gave you the card if they kept the receipt from Albertsons . The card only becomes active at the time of purchase when the cashier activates it, That may not have happened.  I would call Albertsons @1-877-276-9637 and ask what is the protocol when a gift card is not activated at time of purchase. 


Gift cards do not expire and do not devalue over time.


Good luck. 


Re: Question: Southwest Gift Cards

Top Contributor

I would try calling Albertsons and if that doesn't work maybe try to reach out to customer relations at 855-234-4654 or on Twitter in a DM and maybe they can see what might have happened 


hope this helps