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Questions about traveling with a Macbook Pro

New Arrival

I heard about the recalled-Macbook Pro ban last month but haven't heard anything much about it since. 


Will I be allowed to take a Macbook Pro (one that was not recalled) on my domestic Southwest flight later on today? 


Also, as a TSA pre-check traveler, should I plan for any extra time getting through the TSA checkpoint with my laptop?


Thanks in advance.


-- btrdaniel




Re: Questions about traveling with a Macbook Pro

Rising Star

I have not heard of the recall, but I don’t imagine you will have any issues. I see MacBooks on every SW flight I’m on!

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Re: Questions about traveling with a Macbook Pro

Top Contributor

The FAA did recently announce a ban on certain models of MacBooks that Apple recalled due to battery issues. You can read the more about the ban here:


As for actually flying with one, no one is going to do any actual screening or questioning to see you have a recalled model or one that is "safe". As was the case with the Samsung ban awhile back, it's up to you the traveler to do the right thing. No, TSA will not do anything differently so no need to alter your expectations there.