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Re: Southwest Intends to Serve Four Hawaii Airports

Explorer C

I'm concerned because my wife is handicapped and with Southwest's policy of unassigned seating and apparently no jetway in Honolulu...I'm wondering if Southwest is handicap friendly...


Re: Southwest Intends to Serve Four Hawaii Airports

Aviator C

@hilotraveler SWA is very accommodating to all of their passengers... disabled or not. I found this information on their site regarding boarding via the stairs:


In most locations, a mechanical lift is available to assist Customers with disabilities who are unable or have difficulty climbing stairs. However, on some occasions, due to weather, lift availability in international locations, or other conditions that may exist, Customers may be assisted via a chair carried up the stairs by trained ground personnel.


All of this occurs during pre-boarding, so I wouldn’t worry about finding a seat.







SWA Passenger, Community Champion