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Receiving Compensation for Cancelled Flight

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Has anyone had a flight cancelled at the last minute and been successful in receiving compensation to cover the cost of a flight on another airline? I was scheduled on a direct flight from Houston to the Oakland for a Monday morning, departing Houston at about 7:30am and arriving about 9:30am, but this flight was cancelled on Sunday evening about 6pm. Upon calling Southwest, the earliest I could now get to Oakland was 5:30pm, which is a huge problem given this is work travel. There were other flights leaving early in the day on Monday on other airlines, but I was told that I could not talk to anyone about receiving additional compensation until Monday morning at 7am, which was obviously too late to be making a decision around this travel. Has anyone previously received compensation above the cost of the ticket for a cancelled flight, to allow booking on another airline? I’m trying to determine if i’ll be able to continue flying Southwest in the future, as this has been my preferred airline, but the service has gone steeply downhill in the last 90 days or so (my second cancelled direct flight requiring me to rebook on a flight with layovers and miss a significant portion of my work day, as well as a number of other flights delayed by hours, causing extreme inconvenience). Trying to give Southwest a chance, but this is unacceptable. 


Re: Receiving Compensation for Cancelled Flight

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I've not heard of the airline providing compensation to fly another airline. SW does not interline with other airlines, so it cannot give you a ticket on somebody else.


Depending on why your flight was cancelled (maintenance as opposed to weather), the airline might be willing to give you a voucher for use on future travel. You could call customer relations 

(855-234-4654) to request one. 


Since your flight was cancelled, you can request a refund for your ticket - even if it was a non refundable ticket.


Good luck.

Re: Receiving Compensation for Cancelled Flight

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They do not give refunds for weather related cancellations.  They will, however give you a discount on a room and nothing else.