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Refund for medical reasons

Explorer C

In June, my extended family booked a family reunion trip to Florida for Christmas.  MY dad has since been diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing weekly chemo treatment and not allowed to travel - so the family reunion is now canceled. Is there a way I can get my ticket costs refunded for me and my two children?  I can provide a note from Dana Farber, the treatment center confirming these facts and travel restrictions.  Obviously, we no longer want to go as it would mean spending the holiday away from my father.


Great thanks for any guidance. I tried to call customer service but every time I call the wait time is an hour! 


Re: Refund for medical reasons

Aviator A

If you've purchased nonrefundable tickets, be aware that each passenger will have travel funds, good for one year from the date you made the purchase -- unless you applied previous travel funds or vouchers, in which case the new funds will take on the expiration date of the funds applied.


Southwest may make refund exceptions in special circumstances. It's a longshot, but you can try reaching out to the refund department:


For all other refund requests, including refund exceptions for nonrefundable travel:

You can write our Refunds Department:
Southwest Airlines
Refunds Department
P.O. Box 36649
Dallas, Texas 75235-1649