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Refund rather than credit for future travel

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I just cancelled my flight to Nashville (03/19/20) leaving on 3/23/20 - 3/27/20.  I was hoping to get a REFUND ON MY CREDIT CARD due to the nature of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Why isn't Southwest cancelling the flight?  Everything that we were going to do and see in Nashville during that period of time is CLOSED due to the pandemic.  I am 75 years old with a heart condition and was told by my cardiologist and internist that I shouldn't be flying during this crisis.  Since I had booked the flight I have had surgery to repair a hole in my heart and was re-hospitalized to find out the I now have AFib.  I may never get to use the travel funds for future use because of my health issues.  Can I petition to get a REFUND rather than funds for future use????????  I will fill out any forms to prove my condition.  Why do the other airlines give refunds during this pandemic rather than using cancelled funds for future travel.  NOT AT ALL HAPPY WITH SOUTHWEST.  


Re: Refund rather than credit for future travel

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No domestic airline is offering cash refunds on non-refundable tickets except in some cases where the airline cancels the flight. Southwest did adjust the deadline for using travel funds today, I don't expect they will make any further adjustments or exceptions. You can read more about the policy revisions here: