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Explorer C

I am asking for a refund for a flight. I purchased this ticket for my daughters father to attend her destination wedding. Unfortunately we did not know he was unable to obtain a passport.

please contact me to refund the flight. 
he does not fly, nor will he ever use the credits. I am amenable to transferring the credits to mine or my husbands name since we purchased the flight or having a credit back to the original card charged. 
I appreciate your concern. 


Re: Refund

Aviator A

Since this is a customer forum, you are NOT talking to Southwest here. So asking for a refund here will not provide one. to talk with Southwest, click on contact us (below) and proceed.


If you purchased an Anytime or Business select fare, you can get a refund by simply asking for one. All other fares are non refundable, but provide a travel credit. 


If you bought a Wanna Get Away fare, the travel credit is only usable by the person whose name is on the ticket,. You could use that credit  to buy a Wanna Get Away Plus ticket. You can then cancel that ticket. The plus travel credits can be transferred from the original ticket holder to anyone else.

Re: Refund

Aviator A

Yep, as @dfwskier said, use the existing travel credit to purchase a Wanna Get Away Plus fare on any flight for around the same cost as the value of the credit you have now.  Then cancel that reservation and transfer the credit to someone who can use it.  All individuals involved need to have Rapid Rewards accounts so create those first if they do no already have one.