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Reservation Name Change

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Hi everyone- I booked my airline ticket months ago; immediatly after I booked I called SW because I realized that I should have put my married last name since I would be legally married upon or travel date. I was told that this would be no problem to change but it needed to be 30 days before travel or less and to just call back. I just called and now am being told that I need to fix this at the ticket counter and I can’t do it over the phone. Anyone have any insight. Will I need 2 forms of ID then? My name was already changed on my RR account


Re: Reservation Name Change

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@rythemofl1 wrote:


My guess is that you can contact customer service at 855-234-4654  (weekdays only) to fix this.


The alternative would be to send an e-mail. To do so click of "contact us" at the bottom of this page, and then pick e-mail from the choices listed on the top left of the enusing page.

Re: Reservation Name Change

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Thank you! As a follow up, when I called the airlines again and spoke with a different representative, they were able to fix the problem right away. 

Re: Reservation Name Change

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Glad to hear you got everything squared away! Cheers on your wedding, and happy traveling!