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Rubber Tie Down Straps

Explorer C

Can I carry rubber tie down straps with the metal S hooks in my carry on bag?


Re: Rubber Tie Down Straps

Aviator A

For something unique like that I would suggest you contact TSA. There are various contact methods listed at this site:



Re: Rubber Tie Down Straps

Frequent Flyer A

You can ask TSA anything, but their information is wholly unreliable.  For the most part, they operate as if the airport were a Police State and forget that as a citizen, we have rights.


I'm watching a few cases where the plaintiff challenged the authority of TSA and pushed back, filing a lawsuit against TSA and the individual agent.  It appears that the thinking of the courts is beginning to align with how the police are regulated and there is no more immunity just because a TSA agent did it.


The times they are a changing.