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Rude Southwest Employee

Explorer C

My other and I traveled today on this airline and was treated so rudely and disrepectfully. The lady boarding us was supposed to board us (people with disabilities first) but didn't. My mom was trying to talk on board because she needed to go to the restroom so I got out my wheelchair (I am disabled as well) to wheel her on the plane. I asked the lady politely "why werent the people with disabilities helped on board first? There's 5 people here who need help". See told me she had eyes and she could see and if any of us could walk to get up. I HAVE NEVER BEEN TREATED SO AWFUL IN MY LIFE. Now if I or one of the 5 walked and injured ourselves she would be responsible. We used the wheelchairs to assist us while we boarded the plane


Re: Rude Southwest Employee

Frequent Flyer C

I know the posting is old. I vividly years ago, I recalled the flight attendant who works with American Airlines always announced anyone who is disability and they let them go in first.

Someone in my family told them that I am deaf and I happened to get there first, and always sit on the assigned seat. It is very nice. These employee at American Airlines are the most polite peoples.