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Rude flight attendant.

Explorer C

While getting on the plane one of the flight attendants was extremely rude and didn’t say anything to anyone but to sit anywhere. Then when it was time to come around and ask us what we wanted to drink I had said sprite. She looked at me and said we don’t have sprite look at the card menu and I said we don’t have one and she rolled her eyes said there has to be one somewhere and then skipped me and went to the next person. She continued the entire flight being rude and rolling her eyes at people. When we arrived to our destination we sat at the gate for 30-35 minutes waiting for the inside people to complete paperwork while most of the people on my flight had connecting flights to catch.  The whole experience was just terrible. 


Re: Rude flight attendant.

Aviator A

You can submit your feedback to Southwest by using the contact us link at the bottom of the page and sending a message.  I didn't know crew was required to say something to passengers as they got off the plane.