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New Arrival


I have never been calling a customer service this many time to get my travel fund voucher.


Originally, I bought a ticket using my travel fund, and when I returned the ticket, the day applied to my original travel fund. I didn't know that, I thought it would renew each time you cancel your recent flight. I take it as my fault for not knowing the policy. Yet, this is completely, totally frustrating dealing with the customer service agents, giving me false information as when to receive the expired travel fund voucher.


The first customer service agent told me that it will take 4-5 business days to get voucher emailed to me. So, I waited till i'm close to plan a trip to request a voucher, as you have to complete a flight within 6 months.


This agent told me that it would take 14 days. I was in a rush, so I called customer relation, and they said they can't experdite it, but they will put a note for the busniess dept (or some other dept) to process it faster.


Nothing happened


I called again, and this time they said it will take 21 days. But it's been past 21 since the last time i requested it. 


So guess what, they told me to call customer relation again. That is the worst place to call everyone, if you don't get them right at 7 am in the morning, you will wait one hour or so to talk to them.


Worst experience with Southwest airlines ever. Too much hassle.