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SW Cancelled and Auto ReScheduled My Flights

Explorer C

I didn’t have say in the matter. They just rescheduled my flights for the next day. The itinerary is absolutely not acceptable. I wasted entire day at the airport while they repeatedly updated flight information that was incorrect over the course of several hours and then they canceled it. The entire trip and then rebooked it without giving me the option to have a refund. Is Southwest trying to get me to cancel this itineraries so that they can claim that I canceled the flight?? And not give me a refund? It’s Christmas for the love of God!


Re: SW Cancelled and Auto ReScheduled My Flights

Aviator A

Sorry to hear this happened to you, but it is happening to a lot of people today on almost all airlines.


1) Southwest (all airlines, actually) always automatically books people on the next available flight. Unfortunately, the next available flight is not always a good option for the affected passenger so


2) Southwest gives people like you that the NO COST option of switching to ANY OTHER flight with seat availability regardless of the cost of those seats. Keep checking to see if anything opens up[. Check frequently because people like you are looking the same way you would be so seats that open up might not be available for very long.


3) If no travel options make sense for you, you can cancel the flight SW moved you to and tell Southwest you want a refund - and you will get one. You might want to let the travel madness subside a bit to make the request.


It's happening on all airlines this Christmas. It's happening to friends of mine on American right now.

Re: SW Cancelled and Auto ReScheduled My Flights

Explorer C

Thank you for your thoughtful, thorough, kind and compassionate response. And yes, unfortunately it’s happening to a lot of people. I only wish the gate agent had been as thorough. He just said that they don’t offer refunds if it’s a weather event. Period.  That’s how they get around their poor emergency preparedness.  Blame it on the weather and the passenger will pay.  Very frustrating to find the system does not give more flexible options, for example, to keep my connecting flight and cancel the first leg of the trip (the problem child)  which I could have possibly booked with another airline, albeit, at my expense.  I felt locked into what THEY wanted me to do.  And very frustrating having to wait on the phone for over two hours (TWICE) and then it went silent both times.  Adding insult to injury, SW tells you that if YOU cancel, EARLYBIRD fees are also not refundable. They had better waive this rule.  I know I am not alone, but Southwest had plenty of time to scramble other planes and personnel. It always comes down to the almighty dollar and resource management.  Their passenger communication was atrocious.  Only a couple of gate agents moving from gate to gate at O’Hare. O’Hare international airport!  During the holiday season. Not like it was a sudden surprise.  Storms, yes, but they should be prepared for anything.  Additionally, providing incorrect information on the departures board which was mirrored at the gate as an on-time departure, then blaming it on the city who controls the board. What? Yes, that’s what the gate agent told me.  The app was telling us that the flight was delayed when we logged in early in the morning.  The SW gate agent told us to IGNORE the board instead directing us to the app for correct information.  We did. It then said flight was on time. Oh, wait, refresh it again.  Same. Refresh it again.  Now it’s delayed over two hours. Then it flipped back to a half hour, then an hour and a half and back-and-forth like that for hours.   I’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt because I like Southwest, but they just managed this so poorly.  Could they have put more planes in service and had paid crews to standby to fly them? Better than ruin holiday  travel plans around the nation. Oh, but I’m sure they prioritized the flights to Cancun and overseas vacation destinations because of business partners/travel industry demands.  More money.  I bet they knew they were going to cancel this flight (and others) early in the morning.   They just wanted to get us to the airport, string us along and try to shuffle us around until their flights were full and completely booked up and THEN cancel.  I get it, if a crew is delayed beyond a certain time they have to follow guidelines per the union, FAA, face fines, etc. and cancel the flight because it’s the most profitable and least problematic option.   THEY WOULD BE NOWHERE WITHOUT US,  YET WE ARE THE LAST TO KNOW ACCURATE INFORMATION SO THAT WE CAN MAKE INFORMED AND INTELLIGENT DECISIONS REGARDING OUR TRIPS.   We are at their mercy. Sorry for the capitals. I’m dictating and it got stuck.   

Re: SW Cancelled and Auto ReScheduled My Flights

Explorer A

Here's what I wrote to them this morning:

To whoever is working today: I spent 10 hours in LAX Christmas Eve this weekend waiting for a plane that never arrived. My 4:45 pm flight to SJC was canceled. I rebooked on a 7:45 pm flight to SFO. That was delayed until midnight when 175+ tired people were told that the pilot was on the ground in Vegas and would be there in 45 minutes. So we waited, only to find out that a flight attendant had ended her shift and was unable to fly so this flight was canceled at 1 a.m. I was then rebooked on the last flight 1602 to SJC for Christmas Day at 8:00 pm. Mind you, on Christmas Eve I received text messages regarding the flight delays but they were all inaccurate. On Christmas Day I only received one, saying the flight was delayed to 9:47 pm. Rather than trust the text messages, I relied on the SW website and a flight-tracking app for guidance. The flight app was the most accurate. It showed that only a handful of flights left the LAX SW terminal yesterday. My flight on the SW website showed delays beginning at 11 a.m. I didn't even bother to go to the airport because guess what? It was not only canceled but deleted from the SW website later in the day as if it never existed. The flight app also showed that other airlines were in flight so the weather couldn't be the only issue since my flight was literally less than an hour in California. I've got friends who were in NYC who made it home for Christmas. What gives? The Customer Service numbers don't work, I can't log on to the website because it says "Please try again later". Your napkins say Southwest is all about transparency. Well, I didn't see any of that this weekend. All I saw were a lot of sad faces when you ruined passengers' holidays. 

Re: SW Cancelled and Auto ReScheduled My Flights

Frequent Flyer A

It must be nice. My flight was canceled, and I was not rescheduled. It says that I can reschedule online, but I get an error when I try. It says that I need to see a ticket agent. I certainly won't be calling because it is always busy. 


My big issue right now, besides getting home, is that I only brought one extra day of prescription meds that I need to, well, live. Not sure what I will be doing come Wednesday night.