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SW Changed my flight

Explorer C

I booked a roundtrip ticket. SW modified only my departing flight. I want to change my returning flight, but the change flight window keeps on showing the option to change the modified flight at no cost only. I understand that the no-cost flight change can only be used for the modified departing flight and cannot be used on the returning flight which no modification by the SW has been made. I just want to change my returning flight at my own cost but I was not able to do that since the option is not there. Thank you. 


Re: SW Changed my flight

Aviator A

The online systems only allow the passenger to modify the flight that Southwest changed.


I am assuming that change made your return flight less viable.


So you'll need to contact the airline. Id suggest using the cell app chat function or e-mail.

Click on contact us below to access the e-mail (and other) options.

Re: SW Changed my flight

Aviator A

Don't use the link that was sent in the change notification email. Log into your account as usual, then select the itinerary, then select only the return flight to change.

Re: SW Changed my flight

Aviator A

I would call and maybe the agent can change the return for free as well since your "reservation" was affected by the schedule change.