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SW Giftcard

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Has anyone purchased southwest giftcards from Sams Club? If so any issues? Thinking about purchasing one for a Christmas gift.


Re: SW Giftcard

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I have not personally, but there is no reason I see to have any concerns.  Sam's is a reputable brand that no doubt sells countless gift cards, especially around the holidays.  You also get the benefit of slight cost savings over the face value of the gift cards.


Something to consider:  Sam's often sells bundles of smaller denomination gift cards (i.e. three $50 gift cards), but SW only allows up to three forms of payment per passenger.  I think this would restrict how many gift cards you can use especially if the gift card does not cover the whole cost.  Just something to think about.  More on payment options here.

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Re: SW Giftcard

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I have, and just like gift cards purchased through any other reputable store, they work fine.  I typically use the online (, emailed gift cards which can be purchased in larger amounts and can save a few bucks with just a couple minutes of work.  You also avoid the multiple forms of payment issue mentioned.