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SW Positive Customer Service and Relations Experience

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Admittedly, I'd be quick write a complaint email when I've encountered a less than desirable customer service experience. However, I have experienced 3 out of 3 positive SW customer service within the past 2 weeks. Two of those experiences was with Customer Relations and just as recent as today, the other experience with Customer Service. Calls answered/returned within 15 minutes and each issue resolved AND the rep was courteous and pleasant!


The Customer Service Rep did state that I was fortunate because others had not been in the past few weeks. She also said that she thinks things are calming down now and the wait for callbacks are not as long as they have been.


Just wanted to share some positive news!


Re: SW Positive Customer Service and Relations Experience

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Glad to hear you had a good experience with Customer relations. 


Thank you for sharing your positive experience here in the community!