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SW's quick-turn policy

Explorer C

Hi, I know this is kinda off topic....

I ' m currently doing a research about Southwest's overall information for my Uni project.

I heard Southwest flight usually leaves the ramp within 25-30 minutes.

Does this policy comply with FAR? If so, can anyone show me the specific clause about that??

I would greatly appreciate if someone can help me!!


Re: SW's quick-turn policy

Aviator A

All airlines must adhere to the federal aviation rules or they run into trouble with the government.


Which specific FAR are you concerned about?

Re: SW's quick-turn policy

Aviator A

Also, Southwest does have rather quick turnarounds, especially compared to other airlines, but it's more than 30 minutes since boarding begins 30 minutes prior to departure. Before boarding can happen you have to get everyone off the plane so typically it's a minimum 45-60 minutes. The days of super quick turnarounds are in the past now that planes have many more passengers onboard. I believe they even start boarding slightly earlier when flying the Max aircraft, making turnaround even longer.