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Explorer C

I want to get tickets for a fall trip, probably in September.  When is the best time to buy tickets?  Southwest has frequent sales, so I am confused about timing.  We can't take the trip unless we get a good price. 


Re: Sales

Aviator B

The prices are like the stock market.... They go up and down every day...  I have seen prices lower after a sale ends... Strange!   


Good luck! 

Re: Sales

Explorer C

Where are you flying from?  Right now there is a sale that makes flights from the midwest (Indianapolis is where I looked) significantly cheaper than normal.  Most dates are $133 each way flying to Vegas.  Southwest also does a big anniversary sale at the beginning of June, some time in the first two weeks.  This, in my experience, is their biggest sale of the year.  Most sales start on Tuesday and end on Thursday each week but sometimes, like right now, they extend the sale over the weekend.