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Same Day flight Change

Explorer C

I am looking to change my flight to a later time on 7/5. I saw that Southwest does same day flight changes and they waive the fee. Does this mean that you have to change your flight on the same or can i change it in advance with the agent at the airport. My trip is friday-monday. I want to change my monday flight to a later time. So can i change it with an agent at the airport friday (in advance) or would I have to do it monday (the day of my flight). Please answer! help me plz


Re: Same Day flight Change

Aviator A

Sorry, but unless you are A-List I'm afraid you will have to pay whatever the difference in price would be in order to change your flight. 


Even A-List can only fly standby for an earlier flight on the day of travel. but not  later one.

Re: Same Day flight Change

Aviator A

The only time the fare difference is waived is when there is a flight waiver in effect (usually due to weather or mass schedule changes) or your flight is delayed a certain amount of time other than that only A List customers can standby with no fare difference on an earlier flight and those with Anytime and Business Select fares can standby as well.