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San Francisco delays and cancellations

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I am flying from Cleveland to San Francisco with two layovers in between (Chicago Midway and Dallas Love Field) later this week. I am seeing that there are ongoing cancellations/delays bc of runway closures. Should I be worried?


Re: San Francisco delays and cancellations

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Have heard it will be a little rough, but airlines have already adjusted schedules for fewer flights. 


Unless you could equally fly to SJC or OAK then there isn’t much else to do?


Here’s an article on the runway work and information about the approach this time as opposed to previous runway projects.


EDIT: the link


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Re: San Francisco delays and cancellations

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Yes, you should be worried, there were over 800  flights  delayed and almost 400 cancelled the last 3 days . I called today to change my flight for Saturday out of  SFO to OAK. There is no additional charge for the new flights because of the repairs taking place at SFO.   


Good luck.