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I've been trying to get through on your 1 800 number multiple times since I apparently "made a reservation" in error after being confused by the Southwest website. I did not book and finalize this reservation. The website tricked me into giving payment information although I was not ready to make final plans or payment. I used my mother's credit card to hold a flight, but not be charged until I finalized it and paid with my own card. I have tried many times, both email and 1.800.434.9792 several times as well as customer relations at 855.234.4654. I have waited over an hour each time to get a call back, and then listened to your music while on hold for another 15 minutes. As a matter of fact, right now, while I am typing this email to you, I have been on hold again with customer relations and listening to the music now for 17 minutes so far. Please fix this error and refund any and all charges. ATTACHED to the bottom of this email is my original correspondence with you via email. I contacted you several times within the 24 cancellation period!!! ... When I was actually able to get a live person on the line she was very polite, and she explained to me that they were indeed having issues with the lines. She basically told me there was nothing she could do to help me and that I would have to speak to Customer relations.. that is where I am right now. After MUCH of my time wasted on hold once again I finally spoke with Gary Ramsey. Mr Ramsey was completely unable to help me and would only repeat the same "there's nothing I can do it's outside the 24 hour cancelation time".


Re: Scammed

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When you say the website tricked you into giving payment info were you on Southwest's website or a fake website pretending to be southwest? 

Re: Scammed

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I'm not sure anyone would consider searching for and then choosing specific flights, entering personal information and credit card info, and then choosing the "purchase this flight" button to be being "scammed."

Re: Scammed

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You booked online but tried to cancel on the phone???


Sounds fishy.... just like a lot of other complaints this week.