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Seat Map

Explorer C

I am new to the SW website...I did notice while booking a flight that there is no seatmap...I know  about group A, B, etc.about boarding and no assigned seats - I get that...but why still not show availability...that's all I care about.  Is there  a way to check availability with calling on the phone?



Re: Seat Map

Aviator B

If the price for the flight is shown then there are seats available, when they are not it will say sold out. 

Re: Seat Map

Aviator A

To elaborate on @franktravel a little - if there is a low fare available it may mean that there are a few WGA tickets available, eventually those WGA are higher priced as they sell, and then sold out. If you see a flight that has only BS or Anytime fares it's probably pretty full.


In general I think Southwest is known for achieving pretty high occupancy rates on flights, for any popular routes it will likely be pretty full for any flights except the late-night options.


The pricing may be an indicator of availability, but nothing would prevent Southwest from charging more money for a short-notice WGA fare on a limited route even if seats were available, or on some routes they may have cheap WGA until the end, so although the pricing may be a clue, it's not an absolute rule.




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