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Seeing Red

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I am very upset. I am a long time customer of southwest airlines. I regularly sing their praises. However, what happened to me today is just beyond the pale. 


My sister arranged to meet me in Santa Ana today  to celebrate my 60th Birthday at Disneyland. She was flying from Kansas and I was flying from Arizona. The morning of the flight, Southwest informed her that they were cancelling her flight. This required a rebooking that cost her no money. I, on the other hand, was charged an additional $356 to modify my flight for a day! The two customer service employees I spoke to said they wouldn't do anything because MY flight wasn't cancelled. 


Well, excuse me! I am not going to fly to Disneyland and spend the day by MYSELF. My sister arranged this as a gift to me. I had no hotel to go to. No reservations. Nothing. My only option was to modify my trip by a day, which SHE ended up paying for. I am very upset about this and wish that the people at Southwest would have heard me and accommodated me in someway. Their response of, 'Sorry, you will need to pay an additional $356 because your flight wasn't cancelled.' is completely unacceptable. 


Going forward, my view of this airline is tainted. I have absolutely no idea where this post is 'going'. I don't know if anyone at Southwest will even read it. I hope someone does and realizes that cancelling flights doesn't always just affect one passenger - and gouging the other one is a piss poor way to run a business. 




Re: Seeing Red

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@ponytayl I am guessing your sister's flight was cancelled due to weather (I still can't believe they are forecasting a blizzard for Denver).

As most of us here are other customers like you, it probably makes sense to contact Customer Relations. They are available via Twitter (@Southwestair), or 1-855-234-4654. Given the weather situation today it may make sense to get in touch via email or Twitter if there are extended hold times.

Is your ask to have the difference in fare waived? I sympathize with the fact that your sister's travel plans were impacted though I don't know it makes sense for Southwest to move your flight too. My opinion doesn't matter, I'm playing devil's advocate, so it may be worth a try with Customer Relations

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Re: Seeing Red

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If you wanted to be sure that someone at Southwest did read it, use the "contact us" link to send a message.


If you wanted to follow up directly about your experience then use the same link to call customer relations (if you haven't taken this step already).



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