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Senior price

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Bought tickets from southwest 07/24/2018 online with my credit card. My ticket was 492.98 my Moms ticket was supposed to be 252 I believe. Somehow they charged me same price for my Mothers senior ticket. Has anyone else been over charged like this. My Mom is 76 or 77 years old they charged her full price. I called and talked to Customer Relations 855-234-4654 and Yvonne Ryan said she could not help me. I asked to talk to her supervisor she said she was a supervisor and that no one else could help me. She said give me your number and they would have someone call me. That's not what I wanted I wanted someone to talk to now not 24 to 48 hours later like she said it could take. Finally after 20 or 30 minutes she finally got me a guy Ryan Jackson she called her leader to help me. He could not seem to help me either he said he would have someone call me also. I told him I wanted to talk to someone now not 24 to 48 hours later. He said they would call me as soon as possible. So finally he hung up on me with me trying to explain to him I could wait. I'm busy and today is best for me. Both customer relation agents were polite but did nothing for me but waste my time which was 1 hour and 10 seconds from when I called. Now some guy named Stephen Summers is supposed to call me as soon as possible. Within 24 to 48 hours. Very upset with Southwest. My time is valuable also and to be put on and off hold for 1 hour is not taking care of your customer. How can they charge me over $200.00 more for this ticket than what they were supposed to? Can anybody explain this to me? My mom is older and 492.98 is alot of money for a retired lady. They should make this right. Does anybody have any advice?


Re: Senior price

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You bought the tickets back in July, but just noticed that you were overcharged now? If you had noticed this when you received your confirmation email (sent immediately after purchase) it could have been addressed then. Unfortunately, by now the fare has likely changed and is no longer available.


Are you sure those prices you belive you should have been charged are correct? Senior Fares are actually more expensive than the lowest Wanna Get Away fare. Senior Fares are refundable, and are a discount off the Anytime fare. Was your fare Anytime? What are the fares for your flight(s) if you check online now?


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Re: Senior price

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Just a thought: Since senior fares are more expensive across the board than WGA fares, maybe your ticket was actually the less expensive one. 


I am a senior but have never used senior fare.