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Short Layover in Atlanta to change planes

Explorer C

I normally take flights that are nonstop but I had to book a SW flight with a stop. The flight is Houston Hobby to Orlando with very short stop in Atlanta with a plane change. There is only 30 min to land, get off the plane and reboard the plane going to Orlando. Is this enough time in the Atlanta airport to do all this and does Southwest usually put you in the same terminal to change planes successfully?  


Re: Short Layover in Atlanta to change planes

Aviator A

Usually the shortest connection in ATL is 35min it is doable as long as your first flight isn't delayed. All flights depart/arrive in the C concourse in ATL so you won’t ned to worry about taking the plane train to go to a different concourse. 


With the short connection you will want to bring a snack with you as you will have just enough time to deplane walk to the next flight where you will most likely be boarding as you arrive to the gate. 


I personally am not a fan of 35min connections but I’d do it if it’s the only flight. With ATL I did take a flight with a 39min layover on Delta recently and I had to change concourses and I was able to deplane use the restroom take the train and fast walk to my next gate with 10min to spare before the door closed. So you should be fine.



Re: Short Layover in Atlanta to change planes

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As Blake ssid you will likely make your connecting flight unless the flight to ATL is delayed a lot. No airline books connecting flight it does not think that connecting passenger can make,


Hint: on the flight into ATL get a seat as near the front as possible. A middle seat in row 3 is preferable to an aisle in row 15. It gets you off the plane faster. 


Boarding   for flight out of ATL will likely have started before you get to the gate, so the best an A boarding spot would do is let you get on the plane as soon as you get to the gate. Assuming of course that you have an A spot, and that all As have boarded by the time you get to the gate..





Re: Short Layover in Atlanta to change planes

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These gents summed it up quite nicely! Connecting with SW in ATL is good and bad. The bad is that there can often be a long taxi after landing. The good is that all the gates are located close together, and it is easy to get from one gate to the other.


While it is doable, I might consider other options since I value my boarding position. Decide your risk, and if you would like to change, you can do so since SW adjusted the schedule.


-A List, Companion Pass holder

Re: Short Layover in Atlanta to change planes

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@Sextoncrawford   I agree with @elijahbrantley @dfwskier @bec102896 


However, twice I've found that by the time I've gotten off my plane, do my mandatory restroom stop, and made it to the next gate, even in the same terminal, that they had already started boarding.  One wasn't too bad as I got to go in with the first of the B numbers, but the other one I was in the C section and ended up in a middle seat.  (no offence to middleseat on here.)  So I just suggest you expedite finding the gate with minimal or no stops.  

Re: Short Layover in Atlanta to change planes

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If you have a short layover, any little delay in the process could mean your luggage won’t have time to make it from the first plane to the second.