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Short Notice Flight Cancellation

Explorer C

I was scheduled to fly out of Denver at 4:15 pm today.  I am in Salt Lake City  so had a shuttle scheduled to get me there.   At 9:06 this morning I got a text message notifying me that my flight had been cancelled.  Text gave link for re-booking and I tried it but a dead  link.  Called Southwest Customer Service and it was confirmed that flight 3513 had been cancelled.  Immediately went on line on hotel computer and it showed open seats for the flight but  all other flights booked full for today.  I purchase two seats because I am a  large person.        Customer service rep was ready to book me for tomorrow but was not sure of   my relatives plans tomorrow.  When ahead and booked for later in the afternoon.  Then had to rebook my shuttle from Colorado Springs to Denver but the only shuttle available gets me at Denver 6 hours early.   Now I have to book a shuttle in Seattle because my nephew will be working and can't pick me up tomorrow.  Add to that another night in a hotel that is not exactly inexpensive..

I don't fly that often and have always had good luck with Southwest.

I have checked flight 3513 on Flight aware and it shows in the air to Denver but also shows my flight from Denver to Seattle cancelled.


Re: Short Notice Flight Cancellation

Aviator A



Sorry to hear your flight was cancelled today. If your able I recommend going to the airport as the agents at the airport might be able to assist with a hotel (if they can't get you out on a flight today and if the reason for the cancelled flight is  mechanical) if your at the airport they might be able to get you on a flight if your on the standby list. 


After travel is complete you can always reach o ut to customer relations at 855-234-4654 or send Southwest a message on twitter and they can look in to possible reimbursement but there are no guarantees.


Hope your on your way soon without any other delays.