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Sitting on the tarmac

Explorer C

We boarded the plane at 6:40 am at Houston Int.  Around 7am the pilot came on to say a bird had hit the plane the night before as it was flying into Houston and they would need to "look over" the plane but it would be a SHORT delay. FIVE HOURS later.....still on a plane with NO A/C on!!  The room Temp in the plane was 97 degrees.  According to SW travel policies they keep the airplane at a pleasant temperature during a delay.  I promise you 97 degrees for five hours was NO PLEASANT!!!  Now all they want to do is give us a $200 flight credit.  No thank you, I'll never fly SW again!!!! 


Re: Sitting on the tarmac

Aviator A

That's not a fun situation, but it is a situation that can (and does) occur on any airline.  Good luck with your future travels.



Re: Sitting on the tarmac

Frequent Flyer A

Wow what flight Number was it? Sitting 5 hours at 97 Degrees there should be video all over social media by now.

Safe travels