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Slow Communication in Orlando for Flight 255 on July 8,2021

Explorer C

Was taking Flight 255 from Orlando to Denver with an original depart at 2:25pm. Interesting that i get to the gate by 12:40 pm and the flight is delayed until 3:20 PM(weather). I did not get a text or e-mail until i checked my e-mail once i got settled i did see the e-mail at 12:45PM.  At this time we did have a Customer Service person at the desk that we could ask a question.  As the time was getting close to boarding we still did not have a plane.  We began speaking with other travelers and found out that we were waiting for a plane from Ft, Myers. To make story short- No weather in Ft. Myers, so where is the plane?  Now some members in our area were advised that the flight has been delayed again to 4:40pm.  Again, 4:00pm no plane and lightening and rain let up an other flights are leaving Orlando.  Still we have NO customer service agent at our gate to approach about WHEN we will be leaving for Denver?  One customer in our area went over to the customer agent at gate adjacent to ours and he had advised her to call Ft. Myers and ask them when they will be landing in Orlando. It was obvious that the pressure that the gate agent was receiving was more than he was trained to handle.  He must have made a call regarding arrival of the Ft. Myers flight for 5 minutes later we had an announcement that we should be boarding our flight for Denver around 5:35pm.  Again a new boarding time and no new notification.  This time other customer's were aware of the change and the reader board was not updated. We had a delay once everyone started to line up for we did not have a gate agent, nor did we have anyone to meet the plane.


I am loosing all faith in Southwest!  As some said ever since the owner passed away everything has been going right down the drain.  I was really not believing this until this last flight.  Our direct flight out Denver to Orlando on July 2nd- allowed families to board prior to customers in B that had payed for "early bird", but his is not what this is about.


I can say that many customers were upset and were so tired for our original time of arrival was to be 4:25PM and we finally arrived at 8:25PM.  People did thank the pilot and just wanted to get home.


I was very upset with a flight attendant for I went to the restroom and the floor was soiled.

I mentioned to the flight attendants and her response was "sorry we do not have a mop to clean up anything like that".  For the LUV! Take PRIDE in your job and your plane! Just put a paper towel on the floor and mop it up with your foot! That is what I did.  I was not looking for praise for doing this , but come on STOP chatting with your peers and take some PRIDE back in your job.  Sorry i just had to say something and this might not be the right place to get this off my chest.  


I was surprised that being on 737-800's that the WIFI's were not working.  Especially with fully booked if not over booked flights to Orlando with families that depend on WIFI to help keep there children entertained.


Come on Southwest bring that communication back or take care of your customers without them having to remind you why they choose you over the other carriers!  


Re: Slow Communication in Orlando for Flight 255 on July 8,2021

Frequent Flyer B

Is   2   hour   delay  worth   being  upset   over   for  100   hours   of   Orlando   fun?

Re: Slow Communication in Orlando for Flight 255 on July 8,2021

Aviator A

Your inbound flight from fort Myers was delayed because of the weather in Orlando. The FAA had a ground stop and that means planes can't leave or take off. The planes you saw leaving were the ones already there so when the ground stop ended they boarded and left because your plane didn't get to leave yet it was affected by the ground stop. Had your plane come from somewhere like Atlanta it may have left on time then been diverted because of the ground stop. 


Your welcome to Contact Customer Relations and they can review your experience however because this was a weather delay there is not much they will be able to do because Southwest can't control the weather.