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Some ideas for the reservation web page

New Arrival

Loyal customer here.  Grateful for the emphasis on the customer experience.  Here are my suggestions for the reservation web page.  


In my personal profile, it would be great if a couple of items could be added:  


First, the 'method of contact' tends to be the same for me - a text to my cell.  If this was part of my permanent profile, it would avoid the need to add it each time. It is clunky to add the area code, exchange and number separately anyway.


Second, I always reference the same email addresses to notify of my travel.  It would be helpful to add these two email addresses to my personal profile.  


Traveling every week, streamlining the reservation process is appreciated.


Keep up the good work.


Re: Some ideas for the reservation web page

Top Contributor

You can set a default method of contact.... My Account, Communication, Alerts, Edit

Add your phone number there and it will populate the field when you book flights. 


Not it entirely sure what you want to do with the emails. If you want to get them at two email accounts I would suggest you create a filter or rule on the account that does currently receive them that automatically forwards the email to the other account.  Please provide more info if I'm not understanding your desired goal. 

Re: Some ideas for the reservation web page

New Arrival

The email addresses i want to populate are in the "Who do you want to tell about your trip?" section at the bottom. I have two people i want to share my itinerary with.