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Someone please help!

New Arrival

Pleaseeeee someone help me find my camera! I already filed a form online but they say it wasn’t on there..! We flew into Baltimore at 1030pm on May 1st and my 2 year old daughter was fussy from it being past her bed time that I completely forgot my camera bag under the seat in front on me.. I’m sooo heart broken because it had all my daughters first trip
to Disney pictures on it! I don’t have any pictures on my phone of the trip everything I have was on that camera! Someone PLEASE help me.. this is killing me..


Re: Someone please help!

New Arrival

oh no sorry you lost your camera with all those first trip to disney photos. hopefully they found your camera and were able to return it to you. my bag was lost this week im still hopeful that they will find it because i dont want to go replace my stuff that went missing.

Re: Someone please help!

Top Contributor

All "found" items re shipped to a central location in Alabama. At that location an attempt is made to match found items with those reported as lost.


Hopefully you had a name tag on your bag or in your bag. If not, supplement your report with a description of what was in the bag, If a camera, include model information and serial number,if available,